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Earth Day


First, the fate of the planet is, ultimately, not in the hands of mankind. While humans are responsible for caring for the earth , we are not in control of the earth. Rather it belongs to the Creator Himself, who has made us His earthly stewards. The hubris of man on this issue is an absolute head popper!...

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In Times Like These


In the year 1943, Ruth Caye Jones, a pastor’s wife and self taught pianist in Pennsylvania and the mother of five, was distressed by the headlines of her Pittsburgh newspaper. She saw the World War II causality lists and she knew the Allies were making slow progress through the boot of Italy. Supplies were rationed at home, and everyone was living under incredible strain...

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Training Our Children & Grandchildren


Suggestions to train up children with a righteous and godly foundation for life....

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Easter Invite


“Easter is our Super Bowl!” That’s not just hype but a fact. Easter Sunday is the most-attended church service of the year....

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Prophets of Today


Do not be fooled by false teachers and fear mongers. The Bible is our source of truth....

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Moral Compass


Today, a moral schizophrenia afflicts our culture on the issue of abortion. The inconsistencies in our nation’s laws and people’s attitudes about the moral status of the unborn is beyond disheartening. Amazingly many people still seem unable to see the contradictions....

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Hear it and Remember


One of the regular elements of our worship at Midvalley is the public reading of scripture. Sadly, that is something that has fallen on hard times for many churches. Many neglect it all together....

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Representing Jesus


What would happen if every person you had interactions with the past 3 months were to show up in church and you found them sitting in “your section” or another part of the auditorium?...

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Keep me Ever Trusting Resting


The sudden unexpected death of someone we love is among the most difficult things in life. The mind wrestles with so many unanswerable questions, chief among them why? Why did things happen the way they did and when they did? There are simply no easy answers....

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Heroes: Those who Encourage!


Dear Friends, I trust you are doing well and looking forward to Sunday. This past week for our men's Tuesday morning Bible Study we were talking about heroes.Heroes from the Bible and also from our experiences of life.I asked the men the following questions: Is there a danger in having heroes? What should you look for in a hero? What do you do when they fail? Who a...

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