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Archives for January 2022

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Heroes: Those who Encourage!


Dear Friends, I trust you are doing well and looking forward to Sunday. This past week for our men's Tuesday morning Bible Study we were talking about heroes.Heroes from the Bible and also from our experiences of life.I asked the men the following questions: Is there a danger in having heroes? What should you look for in a hero? What do you do when they fail? Who a...

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Antioch: A Model Church


Following the destruction of Jerusalem in the year AD 70, the church at Antioch became a real hub of Christianity and a model church. For 500 years after its founding, the church at Antioch was one of the more influential churches within Christendom. In fact, some church historians believe that at its peak it had 100,000 attendees and a paid staff of over 3000! (McClin...

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The New Year: "Go out into the darkness!"

light-in darkness-resized

Dear Friends, I trust you are doing well and looking forward to Sunday. On Christmas Day, 1939, Britain's King George VI, the father of Elizabeth II, the current Queen, decided to do something he detested and speak publicly on the radio. He had a speech defect known as a stammer, but determined he would revive a custom his late father had started and bring an annual me...

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A Reminder for the New Year

Happy New Year 2022! How should we view the present world chaos? Is the world out of control? A wife said to her husband, "Shall we watch the six o'clock news and get indigestion or wait for the ten o'clock news and have insomnia?" Should we sink into depression and despair? Should we ignore the world and its news, like an ostrich? As we come to a New Year, Psalm 2 giv...

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