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Antioch: A Model Church


Following the destruction of Jerusalem in the year AD 70, the church at Antioch became a real hub of Christianity and a model church. For 500 years after its founding, the church at Antioch was one of the more influential churches within Christendom. In fact, some church historians believe that at its peak it had 100,000 attendees and a paid staff of over 3000! (McClin...

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A Reminder for the New Year

Happy New Year 2022! How should we view the present world chaos? Is the world out of control? A wife said to her husband, "Shall we watch the six o'clock news and get indigestion or wait for the ten o'clock news and have insomnia?" Should we sink into depression and despair? Should we ignore the world and its news, like an ostrich? As we come to a New Year, Psalm 2 giv...

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Jesus: Full of Grace and Truth


The Apostle John in the opening of his gospel tells the Christmas story without Joseph or Mary, without the baby, without the stable, without the manger, without the shepherds, without the wise men, without the star, without the angels, without all the familiar components of the Christmas story. John gives us the real story of what was happening. It's a theological look...

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Born to Die


There are a myriad of answers to the simple question:"Why was Jesus born?" "Why did He come to earth?"The secondary reasons for his coming are:to present God to humanity;to teach truth; to fulfill law; to offer His kingdom; to teach those who did not understand about God;to reveal love; to bring peace; to heal the sick and more. But the one primary purpose for Jesus com...

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Dear Friends, I trust you are doing well and looking forward to Sunday. This past week I have reflected on the rich heritage that is mine by God's grace!Had my father lived, he would have been 100 years old last Tuesday, November 30.Without question, he was the most influential person in my life.I often tell people, "He who has seen me has seen the Father." Dad was bo...

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You have the Words of Eternal Life!


All of us have known people who professed faith in Christ, who seemed to follow Him for some time, but then fall away. In some cases, they have even served in the ministry, turned away from the Lord, and lived as unbelievers. John 6 begins with Jesus having a massive following of some 20,000 people all singing His praises after He fed them the loaves and fishes.By chapt...

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Compensating, Correcting and Choosing Elders Part 2


Today we return to our regular sermon series, as a recap let's remember that Jesus founded only one organization while He was here on earth and that was His church. The only organization, organism, institution the Lord Jesus founded and the only one He promised to bless. A painful but necessary aspect of church leadership is the disciplining of those who have done wrong...

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Forgiven: A Reason for Thanksgiving


As we enter the Holiday Season, we will depart from our current study on 1st Timothy and will begin a new series of sermons focusing on the upcoming Holidays. He should have known better. He never should have stayed at home alone while his army was fighting in the field. He never should have lingered late at night on his rooftop. He never should have set his eyes on tha...

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Illusions - Living and Dying Well


Dear Friends, I trust you are doing well and looking forward to Sunday. This past week (Tuesday Friday) Connie and I attended a pastor's retreat sponsored by the Jackson Hole Bible College.We've been able to attend for the past 8 years and it is always a refreshing, encouraging, and learning experience.This year there was a great deal of discussion on the church's res...

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Trusted in Life and Death


This Sunday we are blessed to have Scott Stripling, Ph.D. with us. Scott will sharewith us five examples of illumination from the biblical text and remind us that God's Word can be trusted in life and in death. Scott has been the Director of Excavations and Chief Archaeologist at Ancient Shiloh from 2017 to the present. Prior to that, he directed the excavations at Khi...

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