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I must tell Jesus


Life is complicated, complex full of ups and downs. It is up to us to lay all of our worries at Jesus' feet. We also need to share with Him what's in our hearts, what's occupying our minds and thoughts. Yet many of us rely in our own abilities to deal with life and all of our situations. A common temptation for all of us is the sin of worry. No one is completely immune....

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Next Week’s Message Rest for Weary Souls Matthew 11:28

nik-shuliahin-BuNWp1bL0nc-unsplash- resized

Life is incredibly difficult! We all face it daily. The issues can be overwhelmingly complex and challenging. Many today are asking: Is there any hope? Can I find rest for my weary and tired soul? Next Sunday we want to share with you the incredible invitation Jesus makes to help us all find relief. He said: Come tome, all who labor and areheavy laden, and I will give ...

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When we pray, do we want God to answer in our time frame or His?...

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