Our Sunday service will return soon! In the mean time Pastor Doug will continue to share God's Word with us Sundays at 10:30 A.M. via our YouTube Channel

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If anyone will not work, neither shall he eat. (2 Thessalonians 3:10b, NKJV) How many of us still remember our 1st job? I certainly do, when I was in junior high, I began my first job delivering news papers. I didn't earn much money as a news paper delivery boy, but I did learn valuable lessons. The job did not interfere with my schooling, provided me needed exercise, an...

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Today's Message - Solid Rock or Sinking Sand?

Empire State Build-resized

Dear Friends of MBC, We just finished speaking again to an empty auditorium here at Midvalley and Dale will be editing the message and posting it on our YouTube channel for our Sunday service. The message is taken from the conclusion that Jesus gave to His Sermon on the Mount. (Matthew 7:24-29) In preparation, why not review the sermon as given to us in Matthew 5-7. It i...

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A Beautiful and Encouraging Word

Pastor Doug is begginning a new series of fireside chats. These videos are intended to continue to keeps us together as Christ's church. This is the 1st of many more to come. Clic the link to view the YouTube video...

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And the firmament shows His handiwork. (Psalm 19:1b, NKJV) God has blessed my wife and I with a life full of love, and wonder. In our lifetime God has given us the privilege of viewing the wonders of His nature on seven continents. Through our travels we have gained a deeper understanding of God's revelation and love in His creation. What we saw What we lear...

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This Week's Message - How to Handle a Crisis

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3 misconceptions about the Coronavirus Pandemic; 1 - This problem will be over quickly - probably not. Life is going to be different for some time to come 2. This has never happened before - NO - pandemics have happened in the past and are even found in the Bible 3. This will increase the number of deaths - No - we are all going to die. We are all under the penalty of...

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Dear Precious Saints of MBC, This morning after spending some time at the church, Connie and I visited Jo Harris who is just days away from heaven. She sat there on the couch with her head down, in obvious pain. Connie asked, "What are you thinking about?" She said: "Heaven!" During this difficult time let's remember the words of Paul from Colossians: Since, then,...

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Important information regarding the Coronavirus (Covid19)


Urgent notification about the Coronavirus, Covid19....

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The testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple. (Psalm 19:7b, NKJV) God has given my wife and I the privilege of viewing each of the seven continents. Many would call this the chance of a life time. I link to think of it as doing God's will. Through these travels we have gained a deeper understanding of God's revelation through His written word, the Bible, and ...

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Next Week’s Message God’s Call of Gideon Judges 6


During our study we will see God’s transformation of Gideon! And here’s what’s encouraging: What God did for Gideon, he can do for us. ...

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God's Sustaining Presence!


Dear Precious Saints of MBC, I trust you are doing well and looking forward to Sunday and the Bible Conference with Arnold Fruchtenbaum and Jacques Gabizon. Ever since I was a little boy, our family used the devotional booklet "Our Daily Bread" for family devotions. Following the evening meal, or breakfast on the weekend, Dad would read the scripture passage and th...

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