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A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver (Proverbs 25:11, NKJV

Not everyone is comfortable speaking in a public setting. Many suffer from glossophobia, also known as fear of public speaking. I’m not talking about having jitters, or sweaty palms, I’m talking about physical fear, and discomfort. Early in my career as a rocket scientist, my supervisor conducted my performance review. He told me I could write well, but I needed to work on my public speaking. 

He suggested I join a Toastmasters club to improve my verbal skills. I followed his recommendation and enjoyed preparing a variety of speeches. The format consisted of formal speeches, table topics, and evaluations. My topics ranged from river rafting to Bible translation methods. I won awards at several contests, received an

Advanced Toastmaster Award, and held several leadership positions in local clubs. 

The by-product was improved communication skills at work. 

Eventually I had articles published on “The Package” about my grandson’s greater interest in wrapping paper than his Christmas gift and on “Parliamentary

Procedure” in The Toastmaster magazine. This encouraged me in my writing career. 

I could think many thoughts well,

But in speaking my story I could not tell.

Toastmasters helped me get my message across.

Preserving content but removing dross.

Precision in thought aids communication.


How would you describe the value of public speaking?

When have you been at a loss for words?

What is your reaction to Proverbs 25:11? 

Note from Ryrie Study Bible, Page 924 on Proverbs 25:11: settings is literally sculptures. Spoken in right circumstance means spoken in its time. The simile is obscure, but the message is clear. Ryrie Study Bible, page 924