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Now when they had come and gathered together, they reported all that God had done with them, and that He had opened the door of faith to the Gentiles. Acts 14:21. NKJV

What a wonderful journey my life has been. Several years ago I finished Volume I of Mud Pies and Memories. As I reflected on what God had done, I recalled other examples of what God had done in my life; a few years later I finished Volume II. As time went on I found it a useful vehicle to share what God did in my life and the good news of the gospel. Recently three people in one week urged me to prepare more Mud Pies and Memories. One of these urged me to prepare a total of 365 devotions in this series, so I began preparation of this volume.

I was able to pass on copies of Mud Pies to many of my relatives, work associates, my financial advisor, and even listeners to casual conversations I had with my friends.  This year (2019) one devotional a week was placed on our church website www.midvalleybible.org under all posts.

The demand for these devotional guides astounded me, and I began to analyze why it was so high. I concluded that it was because I had combined absolute Christian truth as written in the Bible with my own experiences describing how God had worked His will out in my life. I described my failures with the lessons I am learning as well as my growth in the Christian life. This combination of highly biblical truth and highly relational sharing is also used by Awana as their missionaries communicate the information in the Gospel Wheel to Awana leaders to pass on to others.

This is the approach used by the Apostle Paul in Acts 14 as He returns from his missionary journey and reports to the church at Antioch what God has done. He and his companions recited the results of their missionary journey and the fact that God had opened a door of opportunity to them. Paul and Barnabas shared both the truth they had passed on to others and their personal experiences.

God uses both His Word and things we share

The hearts of others to prepare

Teach what Christ did to needy men.

He died, was buried, and rose again

God uses the good news of the Bible and personal testimony to proclaim His gospel.


What is the value of putting your experiences in writing?