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What does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God. (Micah 6:8b, NIV)

My lovely wife, who is also a registered nurse, had a serious operation on her back a while back.  After the surgery and when she left the hospital, I became responsible for her post-operative care. I’m not a nurse nor do I have the basic knowledge to be a one, since I lacked the necessary medical background to treat her incision, she became my guide and had to tell me what I needed to do to care for her and treat her wound: I was required to remove the old bandage, clean with acetone where the tape had been, help her with her shower, prepare bandages and tape, place the gauze pads on her back using sterile gloves, and apply the tape to hold the pads in place. This process was the same day in and day out, until she fully recovered and her wounds healed.

Similarly in the 8th century BC God revealed to Israel through the prophet Micah what He desired them to do. Just like my wife had to guide me every step of the way; God laid out the requirements for His people in Micah 6:8 urging them people to: “(1) Be fair in their dealings with others, (2) Carry through their commitments to meet the needs of others, and (3) Fellowship with God without arrogance. “ 1 God has given us His exact prescription for pleasing Him in the Bible.

In contrast to God’s exact requirements, the following poem and thought reminds us to give requirements as precisely as we can when working with others, in the same way we give our children directions.

Tell me exactly what to do.

Mistakes I make will then be few.

Better since you told me all you wish.

That way I didn’t have to fish.

 If you tell me precisely what you want, I am more likely to do it right.

 Can you recall a situation where someone told you exactly what they wanted?