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Whatsoever things are pure... think on these things (Philippians 4:8, NKJV)

I developed a love for reading at a very young age, and I still love to read. There are times when small errors make it pass the editing process. When I find one of these small errors I realize we are not perfect and no matter what, we will always make mistakes.

When I was in 6th grade, the local librarian, knowing my interest in geography loaned me a book on Central America. When I read the book I noticed an error concerning which is the biggest country in this region of the world. We notified the author and she sent me a copy of the original art work for an illustration in the book with a thank you note.

As part of my work for an aerospace company, one of tasks was to assemble volumes of proposals for various parts of a missile system. One of the most amusing entries was reading Chief Execution Officer instead of Chief Executive Officer.

I too have made my share of undetected errors. I have found that writers are the poorest proofreaders of their own work.

I was thrilled to read Josh McDowell’s Evidence Demands a Verdict and learn how the Bible was copied for the next reader. The scribe counted the letters on each page; if the copy did not match the number of words on the same page of the original, the page was torn up and the writer started over.

Proof reading searches for mistakes.

Great diligence is what it takes.

Those involved in Bible transmission,

A truthful text is their mission. 

A good proof reader avoids many problems. 


What proof reading errors have you found? 

What evidence can you find for the reliability of the Bible? 


Josh Mc Dowell, Evidence Demands a Verdict, 1979, pages 53-58.