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A Hope, A Home & A Hymn



As we continue with our sermon series “God's Blueprint for the Church.” In our 15th message, A Hope, A Home & A Hymn. We explore what is the role of the church, even in today’s difficult times.

We will also address what should be the true role of the Church in our society.

Ask the average person on the street, “Why is the church important?” and you will receive a variety of answers – most of which are wrong!  Ask the Apostle Paul that same question and he would respond that the Church “is the most important force in the world today. Its task is more important than all the governments and universities of the world combined.

There is nothing to compare with it! The reason I say that is because the most significant event in human history was when the living God took on human flesh and lived among us as the Lord Jesus Christ to bear our sins.

And since He ascended into heaven, His church now reveals Him on earth, even as He revealed God when He was on earth.” That in essence is Paul’s point in the final verses of chapter 3. 

This Sunday morning we will look at these verses and use them to prepare us for the Lord’s Table.


If you are unable to attend, you may watch the service on-line at our YouTube channel.