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Hear, all you peoples! Listen, O earth, and all that is in it! Let the Lord GOD be a witness against you. The Lord from His holy temple (Micah 1:2. NKJV)

How many of you ever thought of becoming a writer? Too many of us have great ideas, but we don’t know how to begin or where to begin. This happened to me. In short, what started as a family practice, writing for my family eventually let me to become a writer.

Until the year 2000 I had written poems for my grandchildren and other occasions and quite a few prose articles. But none of my recognition was financial. Then a series of events occurred which enabled me to receive remuneration for my writing. I attended a Christian Writers Conference held in my community. For this I had prepared a proposal for a nationally-known editor for The Christian Communicator; I received several helpful suggestions, incorporated them into the article, and sent them to her. She reworked a few rough places and sent it to me. I made the changes, resubmitted the article, and received my first and only check for my writing. I was now a professional writer. 

The article “Spicy Speeches” discussed the Prophet Micah’s use of literary devices to make his work memorable and compared them with contemporary usage of these devices. Micah used the following spices in his literary stew: Conflict (see Micah 1:2), Figures of Speech, Word Plays, Personal Pronouns, Visual Aids, and Poetry.

Many words came to my computer from my mind,

But no more money in my wallet did I find.

Then one day a Christian editor I met.

A check I received I’ll not forget. 

A check from an editor made my day.


What literary devices have you found that were used in the Bible? 

Describe figures of speech in the Bible that helped you understand a passage. 

Describe a situation in which you worked hard without compensation and suddenly received a reward. 

REFERENCE: Jim Thacher, “Spicy Speeches”, The Christian Communicator, Volume 12, Number 8, August 2000, Pages 19-20.