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 As Jesus was on his way, the crowds almost crushed Him. (Luke 8:42 NIV)

 After a long daily, my wife and I were ready for a good night’s sleep. Work, exercise, ministry opportunities, Bible study, and needs of our neighbors had crowded into our already busy schedule. The familiar knock at our bedroom door meant we could spend an hour or more discussing a problem weighing heavily on one of our three sons. One of our children needed a listening ear and as parents we had the privilege and responsibility of providing it. The late night conversations created an opportunity to build our relationships with our children and would count for eternity.  

The knock at the door reminded me of an interruption our Lord Jesus Christ experienced recorded in Luke 8:41-56. After an exhausting day of teaching, healing and communion with His Father; a new event intruded into His life. The ruler of the synagogue, Jairus, had called Him to heal his sick daughter. Suddenly a woman with an issue of blood touched the hem of Jesus’ garment and He felt power go out from Him. Jesus chose to be interrupted, and this interruption healed this woman who was seeking a miracle. Meanwhile Jairus’ daughter had died, but Jesus returned with Jairus and He raised her from the dead.  

Not all interruptions need to be addressed. We may say yes or no based on the wisdom God has given us.

There was a knock at the bedroom door,

One we’d often heard before,

An interruption whose fate we must choose,

 A diversion, or a chance that we might lose?


 Daily interruptions may be Divine opportunities.