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A New Year's Challenge

Dear Precious Saints of MBC,   
I trust you are doing well and looking forward to the New Year. 
Every year brings with it challenges and difficulties. 2020 will be no different. One of the most important lessons to learn is that when hard times come, be a student, not a victim. 
Sadly, some people go through life as professional victims, always talking about how they have been mistreated. But perpetual victimhood dooms you to a life of self-centered misery because you learn nothing from your trials. 
As we approach the New Year allow me to highlight some of the differences between a victim and a student. 
A victim says, "Why did this happen to me?" A student says, "What can I learn from this?" 
A victim blames other people for his problems. A student asks, "How much of this did I bring on myself?" 
A victim looks at everyone else and cries out, "Life isn't fair." A student looks at life and says, "What happened to me could have happened to anyone." 
A victim believes his hard times have come because God is trying to punish him. A student understands that God allows hard times in order to help him grow. 
A victim would rather complain than find a solution. A student has no time to complain because he is busy making the best of his situation. 
A victim feels so sorry for himself that he has no time for others. A student focuses on helping others so that he has no time to feel sorry for himself. 
A victim begs God to remove the problems of life so that he might be happy. A student has learned through the problems of life that God alone is the source of all true happiness. 
That's the true Christian position. We believe so much in the sovereignty of God that when hard times come, we know that God is at work for our good and his glory.
As 2020 approaches let's make sure we're students in the New Year and not victims.
In the light of His glory and grace,
Pastor Doug