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A Priceless Treasure

Dear Friends,
I trust you are doing well and looking forward to the Lord's Day.
The other day I read a revealing news story about an exceptionally rare 15th century porcelain bowl made in China that somehow turned up at a Connecticut yard sale and sold for just $35. Later its value was determined and the bowl was auctioned off for nearly $722,000. 
The article read: “The small, white bowl adorned with cobalt blue paintings of flowers and other designs — one of only seven such bowls known to exist in the world — was among a variety of Chinese works of art sold by Sotheby’s as part of its Asia Week events. The names of the seller and buyer were not disclosed.
The porcelain bowl was believed to be over 500 years old. "Today’s result for this exceptionally rare floral bowl, dating to the 15th century, epitomizes the incredible, once in a lifetime discovery stories that we dream about as specialists in the Chinese Art field," Angela McAteer, head of Sotheby’s Chinese Works of Art Department, said in a statement.
How the bowl ended up at a Connecticut yard sale remains a mystery. McAteer said it’s possible it was passed down through generations of the same family who did not know how unique it was or its value.
Stories like this abound where a person has in their possession something of incredible value and yet is ignorant of its true importance and worth.
Earlier today I read Psalm 19 and Psalm 119, two songs in the Old Testament's hymnal that speak of the value, worth and benefit of God’s word to us. 
David says: in Psalm 119:97-104
 Oh how I love your law!
    It is my meditation all the day.
Your commandment makes me wiser than my enemies,
    for it is ever with me.
I have more understanding than all my teachers,
    for your testimonies are my meditation.
 I understand more than the aged,
    for I keep your precepts.
I hold back my feet from every evil way,
    in order to keep your word.
I do not turn aside from your rules,
    for you have taught me.
How sweet are your words to my taste,
    sweeter than honey to my mouth!
Through your precepts I get understanding;
    therefore I hate every false way.
Let’s not be like those unsuspecting folks in Connecticut who failed to appreciate the value of a quarter of a million dollar bowl that was in their possession. Let’s value, treasure and heed the priceless gift of God’s word to us.
See you on Sunday in person or join us online
In the light of His glory and grace,
Pastor Doug