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A Reminder for the New Year


Happy New Year 2022!

How should we view the present world chaos? Is the world out of control? A wife said to her husband, “Shall we watch the six o’clock news and get indigestion or wait for the ten o’clock news and have insomnia?” Should we sink into depression and despair? Should we ignore the world and its news, like an ostrich?

As we come to a New Year, Psalm 2 gives us an answer. In it, the author, King David (see Acts 4:25), views the rebellion of the nations against God. He looks at the chaos of the world scene in his day and says that though the nations have rebelled against God, He is sovereign; thus, we must submit to Him while there is time.

Be sure to join us this Sunday as we look at this Psalm and then partake of the Lord's Table.

Please come prepared to partake of the Lord's Table! 


There is no Sunday School - January 2, 2022. We resume both adult and Children's programs next Sunday, January 9.  

If you are unable to attend, you may watch the service on-line at our YouTube channel.