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A Sad and Tragic Anniversary

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Dear Precious Saints of MBC, 

I trust you are doing well and looking forward to this Sunday.January 22, 1973, is the day that our Supreme Court gave their decision in Roe v. Wade, which made abortion a legal option.  This past week marked the 47th anniversary of that sad and tragic decision.  Many people who were already born celebrated that heinous decision as a victory for women's rights.Think about this:  If you were conceived after that date, your life could have legally been taken before birth. 

Without apology, Midvalley Bible Church believes and teaches that abortion is a personal offense to the whole human race and also a sin against our loving Creator. Allow me to remind you of two important truths:

#1 HUMAN life matters because it is God who created us.

We are created in His image.  We are the crowning work of His creation on the sixth day. He celebrated His creation by resting on the seventh day.  What's more, God placed His breath in the first of us, which is something He did not do for any other created being.  

When we forget the value God has placed on human life, we quickly discount it. That discounting results in a slippery slope of devaluation. Lives that are intended to impact and enrich the lives of others and bring God glory are no longer seen as important.  Right behind the "right" to an abortion is the "right" to euthanize the elderly, disabled and those who are a drain on society.    
#2  HUMAN life matters because it is God who consecrated us. 
From the beginning, mankind was given the consecrated purpose of dominion over creation. We have a sacred responsibility to manage and steward all of creation. Life is a sacred trust from God and, therefore, should be dedicated and lived to serve His specific purposes.  However, that dominion does not mean we can dominate other human beings.  Both the beginning and ending of human life is retained for the hands of God's perfect will. 
Sadly, not everyone holds to our beliefs and convictions.  Thus we need to educate and inform and show compassion to those who disagree. Violence is not the answer. We are called to "overcome evil with good" (Rom. 12:21). 
Finally we need to remind everyone that God's grace is available to all.  It doesn't matter if you've encouraged, performed, or received an abortion, God is reaching out to you with forgiveness.
See you on Sunday! 

I the light of His glory and grace, 

Pastor Doug