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By this shall all men know you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.  John 13:34 KJV

Due to the severity of our accident and our lengthy hospital stay and recovery, we knew we needed help handling and dealing with the aftermath of our automobile accident. Normally we would have called on one of our sons to oversee our finances, medical bills, health and auto insurance etc. However Tom was in Minnesota, Andy in California, and Daniel in Texas. All were deeply involved in various family problems and professional challenges. 

Fortunately two of our grandsons were available and live in the Salt Lake area. We called them both shortly after our accident, but because of his more flexible schedule the burden fell heavily on our oldest grandson Aaron. 

These tasks were not glamorous, and they were time consuming; they included dealing with multiple auto insurance companies and the police, numerous trips to bring us clothing and other personal things we needed, taking care of our mail, and keeping others informed of our progress. All of these, other chores were done in spite of his daughter’s ballet performances, his wife’s critical nursing exams and school finals, and his own full-time job. We felt honored and loved by his selfless help. 

In times of greatest need,

We to our grandson did plead,

As God’s servant he ministered to us,

Meeting our needs without any fuss.

Our grandson Aaron was a true servant of God.


When has an individual gone out of his or her way to help you?