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God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in Spirit and in truth.

(John 4:24, NKJV)

Do you ever wonder how many things we ask God for, a new job, a better car, for our family etc? As I examined my prayer list, I realized something was missing. I saw many requests for needs of my friends and myself, but little acknowledgement of the person of God and His attributes. John 4 reminded me I needed to acknowledge Who God is in my prayers.

To solve my problem I entered two characteristics of God on my prayer list for each day of the week. Sunday I placed the words omnipotent and omniscient, reminding me God can meet all my needs and knows best how to do that. Monday I wrote omnipresent and holy, showing me God is everywhere and perfect, totally distinct from me. Tuesday I scribed justice and truth, looking to Him to resolve the problems of this world. Wednesday’s words were love and spirit, describing His great care and nature. Thursday’s entries of infinite and eternal remind me God is greater than space and time. Friday I noted His unchangeable and perfect nature, increasing my trust in Him. Saturday I wrote Father and wisdom, revealing how He provides for and protects me.

As I change my focus of my prayer by adding God’s attributes to each day of the week as I worship Him using this approach, my prayer life has been transformed, focusing more on God and less on me.

I asked many requests for my friends and for me.

God had a plan He wanted me to see.

Acknowledge the Giver with kind words and true.

A transformation in prayer is waiting for you.


Beginning each day with a focus on God keeps His perspective in my life.