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Access to the Father!



Dear Friends,
I trust you are doing well and looking forward to Sunday.
Among the many glorious blessings and benefits that are ours as children of God by faith in His Son is “access” to the Father. This access to God is through the Son, in the power of the Spirit. It is readily ours whenever we need it. We need never set an appointment with God, hoping He might have time for us. He's never too busy to hear our concerns and complaints and requests. Nothing stands in the way of our coming to the glorious Creator of the universe beyond our own hesitation or misguided fears. We have the joy of enjoying the presence and power of Christ. He is never far away. He is always near. You don’t have to wait until our service on Sunday morning to experience the proximity and closeness of Christ.
Sometime ago I read a story that took place following the Civil War here in America that illustrates this: A dejected Confederate soldier came to the White House but was denied entrance. A young boy approached him and asked why he was so sad. The soldier explained how desperately he wanted to see President Abraham Lincoln. But every time he tried to make his way into the White House the guards would cross their bayoneted guns in front of the door and turn him away. 
The boy motioned for the soldier to follow him. When they arrived at the door the guards came to attention, stepped back, and opened the door. He then led that Confederate soldier directly into the office of the President. The boy’s name was Tad Lincoln. The soldier gained “access” through the President’s son. 
Today, we have gained access to the Father through the person and work of his Son, Jesus Christ.
See you on Sunday in person or join us online
In the light of His glory and grace,
Pastor Doug