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He went up on a mountain by Himself to pray. (Mt. 14:23 NKJV)

How do you deal with the many daily demands from you? I’m just like the rest of so many needs which needed my attention, and they all demanded the same level of demand. My engineering career was in full. And I had demands of travel, teaching, finances, relationships, church, evangelism, work, and self-improvement they shouted, “Take care of this. Now”

In time of prayer I turned to Mathew 14 and read how Jesus had just finished a busy day of ministry, teaching, and feeding 5000 plus. Much more work remained for Him tomorrow. He went to talk to His Father so He could focus on what was most important.I bowed my head and prayed. As an organized and task oriented person, I wrote down each task, I assigned a priority number to it. I began my day with Item #1 and moved down the list. As I focused on each need, I noticed the distractions were reduced and I was able to work more efficiently. I carried each item to a logical stopping point. As a new item appeared I would place it on my priority list and work on it in due time. In this way I was able to focus on what was most important. If items did not get done, I realized they were of lesser importance.

So many needs cry out to be met.

Around to them all I could never get.

I try to focus on one thing at a time.

And leave the rest to another time.

By focusing on one task at a time, I minimize distractions and get more done.