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An angel of the Lord stood by him. (Acts 12:7 NKJV) 

It was a very scary situation; it played like a scene from a movie. Imagine the car in the movie Chitty–Chitty Bang-Bang, our Ford station wagon was flying. The van hit a tree and landed on its side. An Emergency Medical Technician traveling behind us hurried to help my severely injured wife, who was suspended sideways, still belted in her seat. He held her to prevent further injuries, and spoke calmly. The ambulance took forty minutes to find us in Yellowstone Park and rush my wife to the hospital, where the medical personnel repaired her broken clavicle.

What were the chances that the person driving immediately behind us was an EMT, willing and able to assist my wife? He even prayed aloud to comfort her. I had no other explanation than this person was an “angel” sent by God.

Peter too had an angel from God when he faced a situation over which he had no way out. Imprisoned with four squads of soldiers assigned to guard him and restrained by an iron gate, Peter slept chained between two guards. In  Acts 12 we read how an angel of the Lord appeared to him in his cell, instructed him, and led him out to his praying friends.

Desperate was I, unable to aid.

God sent an angel, right actions he made.

With perfect timing, meeting my need.

Oh what a miracle, God’s working indeed!

 Some angels are messengers sent by God to help us and to fulfill God’s purposes.