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Are you ready?



Dear Precious Saints of MBC,   
I trust you are doing well and looking forward to the Lord's Day. 
Imagine a nationwide evangelistic campaign that invites tens of millions to an outreach event who would not ordinarily attend. Imagine a campaign that for the most part, others do the advertising for you. Imagine having tens of thousands of churches participating where they put aside their infighting and determine that they are going to work together on one theme. Finally, imagine a campaign that actually works! 
Well, imagine no longer: this is the evangelistic opportunity gift-wrapped for us each Christmas. 
For weeks now, stores, shopping malls, TV, movies and radio have advertised for us the celebration of Christmas. There have been decorations, billboards, flyers and mailers all emphasizing this event. Now admittedly, most do not understand the significance of Christmas. Most sing the songs of Christmas without owning the truth.  But instead of cursing their ignorance, why not embrace Christmas as the phenomenal opportunity it is for the gospel? 
Each year, our well-loved "campaign theme song" is played in shopping centers and broadcast across the airwaves: "O Come, Let Us Adore Him!" That wonderful 15th century hymn says it all!   What's more, people will do just that if invited! 
Let's do two things: Embrace the popularity of Christmas. Admittedly, our culture falls far short of the gospel mark of Christmas. Today the message of Jesus is missed with rampant consumerism, cozy Hallmark sentimentality and drunken holiday parties. But the undeniable popularity of Christmas gives us incredible opportunity for people to hear the truth! 
Second, invite people to our Christmas Eve service. Put yourself into the invitation. Don't be vague or indifferent. Tell them, "This stuff is important to me, and it would mean the world if you came." 
The biggest evangelistic event of the year is about to begin. Are you ready?
See you on Sunday and Christmas Eve! 
In the light of His glory and grace,
Pastor Doug