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Awful Lawlessness


1Timothy 1:8-11  

 Awful Lawlessness

Today we continue with our new sermon series “God's Blueprint for the Church.” Our 3rdd message, Awful Lawlessness focuses on the proper standing of the Church’s regarding God’s Law and human law. Join us again and for the next few weeks as we continue to carefully study 1st Timothy a marvelous letter.

The greatest sound and light show in the history of God's people took place in conjunction with the giving of the Ten Commandments. We are told in Exodus 20:18." that after God had spoken" what are known as the Ten Words that "all the people saw the thunder and the flashes of lightning and the sound of the trumpet and the mountain smoking" (Exod. 20:18a).

Their response was anything but surprising: "the people were afraid and trembled and they stood far off" (Exod. 20:18b). This was no ordinary display of divine power and majesty. Don't even think of trying to compare it with the presence today in some churches of strobe lights and fog machines.

The giving of the Ten Commandments was an event of tremendous importance in the revelation of God's will for his people and justifiably called for frightening and overwhelming manifestations in nature. But what was the purpose of that law? Why did God give it and is it the means to salvation?

Timothy, having been left in Ephesus by the Apostle Paul was dealing with false teachers who wanted to be teachers of the law but were clueless as to its purpose. In a brief - 3 verse - summary Paul gives the true purpose of God's law.

If you are unable to attend, you may watch the service on-line at our YouTube channel.