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Death and the Risen Christ



Today we celebrate Resurrection Sunday. In honor of our resurrected Lord we’ll be taking a break four our regular sermon series.

This Resurrection Sunday we studied “Five Fundamental Truths without which we have No Hope.”

  1. If Jesus is going to save us… then he had to become human
  2. Jesus came to Die!
  3. Through His death He breaks the power of the Devil
  4. The power of Stan…Ability to install Fear
  5. Jesus did all this by making “Atonement” –Propiation- for the sin of the people 

I was at the Church with the worship team as they prepared for Resurrection Sunday and I was so over-joyed at the prepared worship that was ours this Sunday that I felt compelled to encourage you to be here. Things are definitely "opening" up after a year-long pandemic and I'm hopeful that church attendance will again become a priority.

I'm also excited about what God has laid on my heart to share regarding the death, burial and most importantly - Resurrection - of Jesus Christ.

If you are unable to attend, you may watch the service on-line at our YouTube channel.