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Jesus said, “Simon, I have something to say to you.” (Luke 7:40 NKJV)

I am practical, task driven and a goal-oriented person. After setting my goals I go after them with passion, and a relentless pursuit. No matter what the goals was, whether my project was class valedictorian, a five-minute mile, or managing an engineering design group, nothing I really wanted eluded me. Driven by schedules, controlled by calendars, and trapped by to-do-lists; I reinforced my drive by attending management seminars, reading management books, and articles on how to accomplish more.

As I read Luke 7 I identified with Simon the Pharisee whom Jesus reprimanded. Jesus told Simon a story about two debtors, one who owed little and the other a great amount. The creditor forgave them both. Jesus asked Simon who will love the creditor more. Simon rightly replied the one forgiven the most. Simon was so lacking in love for Jesus that he had neglected common courtesies. Because of his wrong priorities this Pharisee criticized the woman who came to worship Jesus.

Seeing myself in Simon’s example, I am now consciously moving from self-focus to service, from insensitivity to involvement, and from programs to people. God is constantly moving me toward His values which do not neglect my responsibilities but give me a proper perspective about them.

Managing time is a charge from God.

On feelings of others I should not trod.

Tasks must be done, but done with love.

Balance is key, led by God above.

 Biblical time management includes God’s values and my daily responsibilities.