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Though I also might have confidence in the flesh. If anyone else thinks he might have confidence in the flesh, I more so (Philippians 3:3, NKJV)

Who is the one famous person you would really like to meet? Have you met any famous people or celebrities? If you have, how did you behave when you met them?

In the course of my long life, I have had opportunities to meet with many people that the world considers famous.

  • I heard President Eisenhower speak at a Boy Scout Jamboree in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.
  • I worked on Aerospace projects with a CEO of a billion dollar corporation and on proposals and reviews with generals and admirals.
  • I received a Rescue Mission award from the former owner of the Utah Jazz basketball team.
  • A poster hangs in my home given to me at an American Institute of Aeronautics and Aeronautics meeting by a person who was a former governor, senator, and astronaut.
  • At a college meeting I prayed with a person who later became the CEO of a large computer company and another person who received a Nobel Prize for his work on Lithium Batteries.

After the Apostle Paul boasted about some of his achievements in Philippians 3:3, he concludes in Philippians 3:7, But what things were gain to me I counted as loss for Christ. In the next verse he calls them rubbish. Similarly all my achievements listed above pale in comparison to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ; this assures me of heaven, gives me a quality of life here on earth, and a certainty of heaven.

Make a priority list, list every task,

Which is most important is what you ask?

Number each task, one by one.

Commit each day to the Holy One.

What and who are most important in my life should be determined by God not me. 


Who are some of the most important people you have met?

Make a priority list of all your tasks.

What is your relationship with Jesus Christ?