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Forgiven: A Reason for Thanksgiving



As we enter the Holiday Season, we will depart from our current study on 1st Timothy and will begin a new series of sermons focusing on the upcoming Holidays.

He should have known better. He never should have stayed at home alone while his army was fighting in the field. He never should have lingered late at night on his rooftop. He never should have set his eyes on that beautiful lady. He never should have inquired about who she was, nor should he have sent for her, nor should he have slept with her.

He should have known better. But King David sinned and Bathsheba conceived. Then to complicate the matter he had her husband killed and then lived in denial of his actions.

Until confronted by a courageous prophet named Nathan and David confessed. Nothing is more glorious than forgiveness and as grounds of forgiveness.

This Sunday we want to discuss that from Psalm 51.

If you are unable to attend, you may watch the service on-line at our YouTube channel.