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And David said unto him (Mephibosheth), “Fear not, for I will surely show you kindness”. 2 Samuel 9:6

We all age, and as we get older what we used to be able to do in our younger days at times they seem impossible or improbable to do again. I still remember these loving yet sobering words from my wife, “You’re so fragile, I need to handle you with care. You’re bleeding again. I should put you in a space suit.” These words my wife spoke to me as she washed my wounds, placed an antiseptic bandage on them, and gave me a kiss.

A test showed I had low blood platelets. Thus when I bumped into an object only moderately severely or experienced a skin-piercing wound, I bled profusely. I had to tell myself I was no longer the 5-minute miler of my college days. I am the octogenarian with poor leg circulation partially caused by a platelet problem who is also challenged on shopping expeditions with my wife. I appreciate friends who tolerate my infirmity. As my 4- year old great-grandson Boaz said, “You’re slow, but I love you.”

I identified with Mephibosheth whose true story is told in 2 Samuel 9. As a lame person, he could have carried a “fragile, handle with care” sign written in Hebrew, but I don’t think he did. David sought to help this son of his friend Jonathan, even inviting Mephibosheth to dine with him at the king’s table.

Fragile people in the world today;

They may hurt but do not say.

Comfort them and do them good.

You with David then have stood.

 Fragile people may not tell you, but they appreciate acts of kindness.



When has someone helped you with an area of weakness?