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Trophimus I have left in Miletus sick. 2 Timothy 4:20 (NKJV)

As part of our long road to recovery after our car accident which lasted almost two months; one of the greatest encouragements of each day was to receive get-well cards. Before our accident and subsequent recovery, we never realized how great a lift these cards could give a person. We looked forward to the daily mail delivery of cards that communicated thoughtful wishes for our return to health, prompt and full recovery. Many were sent with a personal message. The picture on the front contained a well-chosen Bible verse tailored to our needs. Some of our friends crafted special messages which formed an even deeper bond between us and the sender. Often, enclosed materials reminded us of our mutual faith and hope in our Lord.

Similar Paul also sent personal get-well messages as recorded in 2 Timothy 4:20. Paul sent greetings by his friend Timothy to Trophimus who was gravely ill.  Imagine the effect on Trophimus when Timothy delivered Paul’s message. Trophimu must have been greatly encouraged that Paul was thinking about him. Paul, led by the Holy Spirit in his epistles, also communicated other messages of concern about friends who were ill (See 1 Timothy 5:23 and Philippians 2:25-30). This joy was the way encouragement notes affected us.

When we were at the end of our rope,

Receiving get-well cards gave us hope.

Like Paul who sent greetings to those who were ill.

Get well cards encourage us still.

 Get-well cards are very meaningful to those who are ill.


What effect did a card with a prayer for you to get better have on you?