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Giving up our Rights!

Dear Precious Saints of MBC,    
I trust you are doing well and looking forward to the Lord's Day. 
Being a Christian and maintaining a testimony among the lost at times demands that we swallow our pride, say nothing and even suffer some material loss. Leonard Sweet demonstrates that truth in his book Out of the Question by relating the following: 
"Tom Wiles served a stint as university chaplain at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona. A few years ago, he picked me up at the Phoenix airport in his new Ford pickup and whisked me away to keynote a leadership conference at the university. Since I was still mourning the trade-in of my Dodge truck, we immediately bonded, sharing truck stories and laughing at the fact that there's nothing like a man and his truck. As I climbed into his new pickup for the ride back to the airport a day later, I noticed huge dents and scrapes on his passenger door. 'What happened?' I asked. 'My neighbor's basketball goal fell over into my driveway and made those dents and all those scars,' Tom replied. " 
'You're kidding! How awful,' I commiserated. 'Your truck is so brand new!' Tom added, 'What's even worse is my neighbor refuses to take any responsibility for the damage.' 
Rising to my newfound friend's defense, I said, 'He's wrong. Did you contact your insurance company? What about contacting an attorney? How are you going to prove you're in the right and make your neighbor pay for the damages?' 
"Tom replied, 'Frankly, this has become a huge spiritual challenge for me. And after a lot of soul-searching and prayer and discussion with my wife about hiring an attorney, it finally came down to this: I can either be in the right, or I can be in a relationship with my non-Christian neighbor. Since my neighbor is going to last a lot longer than my truck, I decided that I needed to be in a relationship with him much more than I needed to prove I was right." 
Sometimes, for the sake of the gospel we have to give up our rights and be treated poorly. If that's a struggle, remember that Jesus gave up His right to be treated as God - and if I remember correctly - He's our example!
See you on Sunday!
In the light of His glory and grace: 
Pastor Doug 

Photo via Good Free Photos