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God's Sustaining Presence!



Dear Precious Saints of MBC,    
I trust you are doing well and looking forward to Sunday and the Bible Conference with Arnold Fruchtenbaum and Jacques Gabizon.  
Ever since I was a little boy, our family used the devotional booklet "Our Daily Bread" for family devotions.   Following the evening meal, or breakfast on the weekend, Dad would read the scripture passage and then the devotional that corresponded to it.  As we got older, Dad would often have one of the kids read.  It would be followed by a song, scripture memory review and then prayer.  Connie and I used that same pattern with our children and even to this day as we have devotions together.  The devotional is published by a ministry headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan called Radio Bible Class.  A former physician named Dr. M.R. DeHaan left the practice of medicine and became a pastor and was later on the radio.  In 1938 they began to publish a free daily devotional that is always encouraging and instructive. 
Last Tuesday's devotional read was particularly encouraging in light of the fact that it was also my 67th birthday.   The scripture reading was Jeremiah 1:1-8 (it's worth taking the time to read!)  James Banks wrote the following: 
"...God sustains us every moment of our existence - including the personal details that occur every moment without our awareness  from the beating of our hearts to the intricate functioning of our brains.  Reflecting on how our heavenly Father holds together every aspect of our existence, David exclaimed, 'How precious to me are your thoughts, God!'' (Psalm 139:17).    
Birthdays are a time for reflecting back.  If there is one thing that I have seen in my life, it's the providential hand of God.  Through every circumstance and trial God has been there sustaining me! 
The devotional "take away" was this:  "You're amazing, God!  Thank you for holding-me up and getting me through every moment of the day."   
In the light of His glory and grace,
Pastor Doug