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He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world. (1 John 4:4 NKJV)


Have you ever noticed how life tends throw strikes and curve balls at us! I remember vividly a time when things just kept going in the wrong direction, our apartment was infected with cockroaches, but the other tenants would not allow the owner to spray. I got into a small fender bender which caused some damaged to our car, which meant we had to pay higher insurance rates from our small income.

Our newborn second child came down with chicken pox. I was going to school in the daytime and my wife worked evenings so we did not see each other very much. In our discouragement the truths of 1 John 4 brought comfort to our busy and hectic lives. We reflected on the fact that our God who is stronger than Satan could take care of us. In this situation I composed the following poem, to remind us of how great His love is for us and how Great He is:

 Greater is He

Greater is He, Transcendent God, immeasurable by time, scale or rod.

Infinite Mercy, Power, and Love; Omniscient Wisdom from above.

Greater is He Indwelling God, making us o’er to the likeness of God.

Holy Spirit, always working; cleanse my life where sin is lurking.

Greater is He, Atoning God, redeeming man to peace with God.

On Calvary’s cross the crowning act; salvation for me an accomplished fact.

Be Thou Sovereign in my life, fighting Satan in daily strife.

Make me yielded to Thy will; in me now Thy way fulfill.

Help me now Thy word to bear; eternity’s message swift to share.


The God within, who is greater than all the forces of evil, will meet my needs.