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How firm a Foundation


When engineers want to take down an old skyscraper they put explosives at strategic places in the foundation. When they set it off, the building implodes. It is not surprising that Satan relentlessly tries to blow up the foundation of our faith, which is the Word of God. His very first temptation challenged Eve (Gen. 3:1), “Indeed, has God said …?”

He has attempted to bring down our faith through liberal theologians, who undermine its veracity. Our higher educational system (Harvard, Yale, and Princeton were founded to train men in the Word) is now dominated by skeptics who sneer at God’s Word. Evolution, which (against all reason) is accepted as fact in our public educational system, does away with the need to submit to the Almighty Creator.

Yet, in spite of the attacks, the Word of God endures forever (1 Pet. 1:25) and gives us a solid foundation on which to build our lives and to stake our eternity. This Sunday we will look at the sure foundation of the Word of God, expressed beautifully in the hymn - How Firm a Foundation.

If you are unable to attend, you may watch the service on-line at our YouTube channel.