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Casting all your care upon Him, for he cares for you (1 Peter 5:7, NKJV)

Songs and hymns bring back memories, and they can also takes us back in time, may be to a specific moment of our lives, like winning a game, meeting your spouse, or a song or hymn helped you during a difficult time, they help us connect with key events in our lives.

Among my earliest recollections is my mother playing our upright piano and singing, “God Will Take Care of You” by Civilia D. Martin. In spite of financial challenges and medical problems, she affirmed to me that God will take care of us.

When the pastor baptized my wife, the congregation sang the hymn, “One Day” by J. Wilbur Chapman. The words “dying He saved me” reminded all who heard that Jesus saved us by dying in our place on the cross to pay the penalty for our sin and rescue us from eternal condemnation.

I first heard “Loved with Everlasting Love” by Wade Robinson at a Bible Conference in my college days. During my courtship with my wife Pauline, it became our hymn so we had it sung at our wedding. We rarely heard it so we requested this music at church song services. Later, the words floated on the air waves of Christian radio, so each time we sealed it with a kiss.

Our 50th anniversary wedding celebration featured that hymn. At this grand event our grandson Noah also sang, “Be Thou My Vision”, which provides us focus for the remaining years of our lives here on earth.  We look forward to heaven where songs of praise will resound.

Songs in our lives give biblical truth

In advancing age or primal youth.

Capture moments where God has wrought.

When hymns were played, our God we sought.

Hymns can remind us of biblical foundations.


What are your favorite hymns and why?

How do they relate to events in your life?

The first three hymns are contained in Living Hymns, edited by Alfred Smith, numbers 579, 192, and 66, Encore Publishing, Montrose, PA 18801, 1975

The song, “Be Thou My Vision” was translated from an Old Irish Hymn by Mary Byrne in 1905.