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I must tell Jesus



Life is complicated, complex full of ups and downs. It is up to us to lay all of our worries at Jesus’ feet. We also need to share with Him what’s in our hearts, what’s occupying our minds and thoughts. Yet many of us rely in our own abilities to deal with life and all of our situations. 

 A common temptation for all of us is the sin of worry. No one is completely immune. For some, it’s even a favorite pastime, occupying large portions of their days by troubling over their doubts and fears about the future. Obsessing over those doubts and fears shows blatant distrust for God’s power and His love. 

It essentially says, “God, I know You mean well by what You say, but I’m not sure You can pull it off.” Paul in his letter to the Philippian Christians gives the prescription for dealing with this issue. From his prescription we have the hymn, "I must tell Jesus." The back story for the hymn and Paul's exhortation to the Christians at Phillipi is worth our time this Sunday. Looking forward to sharing together.