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It is well with my Soul



This Sunday we continue looking at the back story of some of the great hymns of our faith and the scriptural bases for that hymn.

We all have our favorite hymns and worship songs, and many times; particularly with hymns we don’t always know the origin or meaning behind that hymn. Many are based on scripture and have a special meaning to the writer.

Among the most beloved hymns is the one written by Horatiro G. Spafford entitled "It is well with my Soul." Spafford was an excellent Bible student and familiar with Psalm 34 which contains the foundational truths that served as the basis for his hymn. The background for the hymn as well as Psalm 34 is crucial to fully appreciating them. This Sunday we will look at both. In preparation, please read Psalm 34

 If you are unable to attend, you may watch the service on-line at our YouTube channel.