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It Never Happened!

Dear Precious Saints of MBC,
I trust you are doing well and looking forward to the Lord's Day.
This Sunday's message is going to deal with the single greatest truth in the Bible - Justification. That statement is no exaggeration. A good illustration of this Biblical truth is found in the following story:
A man in England purchased a Rolls Royce automobile and decided to take a holiday in Europe. His plan was to tour through the French countryside in what is arguably one of the finest automobiles made. He put the Rolls Royce on the ferry and went across the English Channel. While going through the countryside, looking at the sights suddenly his Rolls Royce broke down and there was nobody there who could fix it. He sent word to the company in England and they flew a man over who did the repairs. He got the car running again, then left and went back to England. The man thought to himself, "This is going to cost me a ton of money." They never sent a bill. When he finally got back to England, never having received a bill, he sent a letter to the company telling what had happened, how the mechanic had come over, and wondering what the charge would be. He got a letter back from the Rolls Royce Company, saying as follows: 
"Dear Sir, Thank you so much for your letter. You need to know that we have no record in our files that any Rolls Royce has ever broken down at any place, at any time, for any reason."
Friends, that's what justification is all about. You may fail, you may break down and run yourself into a ditch, but God Almighty looks down at you and says, "There is no record that my child has ever broken down at all."  Justification is having the record wiped clean and being credited with the perfect, eternally secure righteousness of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Justificaiton is God declaring righteous a wicked sinner, while he is still in his sinning condition.  It is the answer to Job's question, "How can a man be made right with God?" There is an answer - and there is only one answer. You can be right with God through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ who paid it all for you.
This Sunday is a perfect Sunday to invite a lost person to hear the gospel.   
See you this Sunday,
In the light of His glory and grace,
Pastor Doug