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“Who then is the faithful and wise manager?” (Luke 12:42 NIV)


As an engineer, I’ve lived in multiple states and several cities, some time ago when we lived in Western Maryland I taught a Sunday school class of junior boys and girls.

“Since this lesson is on stewardship,” I said to my students, “I am giving each of you a dime. You are to invest and manage it and return the funds to me at my request.”

After a few months, when I asked for the funds to be returned, a girl named Dottie reported back to me. Dottie proudly said, “I took the dime and used it to buy ingredients to make jelly. I gathered blueberries from the woods, and my mother taught me how to make jelly. I sold the jars of jelly at the fair I now give a dollar to you for God’s work”.

This remarkable tenfold return on investment was the result of exercising good stewardship, balancing time demands, and teaming with her family.

Similar ingredients contributed to effective time management from a biblical perspective as in Luke 12. In this story Jesus characterized a faithful and wise manager as one who exercised stewardship. The good manager gave each servant his food allowance at the proper time, balancing time demands. This manager also had a team of employees to work with him.


Accountable to God in all I do,

Balancing tasks until they are through,

Teaming with others to accomplish each work,

If I don’t do this, then I’m a jerk.


Stewardship + Balance + Teamwork = Effective Time Management