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Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. Will he not first sit down and estimate the cost? (Luke 14:28 NIV)

 Several years ago I had the privilege of visiting my son when he was a medical missionary in Nigeria. During our tour of Jos he pointed out a much-needed water tower whose construction had started but never been finished. This unfinished project reminded me of the story Jesus told in Luke 14 about a man who had desired to build a tower, but had never finished.

After the tour, the sight of the unfinished water tower made me reflect on the planning process I had used throughout my engineering career.

Project planning has many sequences, forecasting, establishing objectives, programming, scheduling, budgeting, and a commitment to completion are necessary and need to happen before any hardware is ordered or concrete poured. As the design process was completed, an interesting phenomenon occurred. Each time we failed to plan, the project took more time than if we had spent the necessary time planning.

This principle I also found to be true in my Christian life. I was able to accomplish more if I prayed about each day’s activities rather than if I simply went ahead and did what felt best to me.

Lord, my plans for each hour I commit to you,

As I pray each day, “What should I do?”

Let me not be left with a half-done task,

But finish Your work is all I ask.

 A systematic planning process minimizes the time to accomplish a project.