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Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom. (Psalm 90:12 NIV)

One day one of my friends told me, “Jim, you are the most organized person I know.” I should have been elated, or at least satisfied, yet I felt something was lacking. Although I had taken numerous time management courses and attempted to apply those principles to my life, and after 40 years in the solid rocket industry and nearing retirement, I decided to see what the Bible said about time management.

As I read the book of Luke I gleaned many applications about time usage from Luke’s account of Jesus, the Master Time Manager. I shared my book, Dr. Luke’s Time Management Course, with the Utah Christian Writer’s Fellowship. This series of devotionals highlights some of the truths I am learning. The following poem summarizes my experiences and insights.

From Dr. Luke’s book, what Jesus said I learn.

Time management truths I daily must discern.

For each job I commit to both people and tasks

To fulfill each in balance, Lord, this is what I ask.

May coming events shape my present timely goal

By planning ahead my future builds my soul.

May I show God’s love to Him and fellow man

And at decision points choose the best I can.

My time is not my own but filled with work or play

Its use is known by God, every hour of every day.

My focus and my goals, priorities, assets too.

In relationships and roles, God’s glory I pursue.

To correct what displeases Him, to plan, to delegate, to lead,

Guided only by Him, this is my urgent need.

God is my Master and Lord, steward am I to Him,

Accountable to His Word, this is my prayer for Jim.

If one structures life, but does not manage time, one cannot gain a heart of wisdom.

Poem published in Springs in the Desert, © 2012 by Utah Christian Writers Fellowship