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Next Week’s Message: A Model for Hurting Fathers Luke 15:11-32





There is probably nothing more painful for Christian parents and a father in particular than to have one of our children rebel against the Lord and against you.  It is not an understatement to say that you can almost cope with your child’s death more easily than with extreme rebellion, since in death at least there is a sense of closure. Spending years loving your child and hoping the best for him or her, and then to have the pain of having that child reject you and your Lord goes deep. It makes you feel like a failure. It makes you question and even doubt God. It fills you with grief that just won’t go away. So the question is, “How should Christian parents respond toward children who rebel?”  In Luke 15 Jesus told the story of a rebellious son and forgiving father.  On the surface and hidden within the story are some helpful truths that can help us deal with rebellion.  Next Sunday we will look at those principles.