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Next Week’s Message Crucify the Flesh & Live by the Spirit Galatians 5:24-26


Before we move on to the final chapter of the book of Galatians, we need to look at the last 3 verses of chapter 5.  Paul has reminded his Christian readers that all of us are engaged in mortal combat with the flesh. The desires of the regenerate nature are waging war against the passions of the sinful nature. 

In this war there can be no truce. Paul closes out this section by reminding us that fruit is not produced without our cooperation. There are two things every Christian must do to remain fruitful:  First he must mortify the flesh – He must kill the flesh! Second, He must live and keep in step with the Spirit.

Next Sunday, before we observe the Lord’s Table, we will look at this important truth and needed discipline for the believer.