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Next Week’s Message God’s Call of Gideon Judges 6



The Old Testament period of the judges was a time of national failure, spiritual disintegration and moral decay.  It was, in fact, a time astonishingly similar to our own! People were “doing what was right in their own eyes.” The issue today is this:  When everyone around us is doing right in his own eyes, how do we as Christians stay on track and do right in God’s eyes?

Beginning next week, we want to look at one of the heroes of the book of Judges.  His name is Gideon and much like you and me, he was filled with God-given potential for greatness. What you find in Gideon is God taking a weak, insignificant man, filled with weaknesses, failures, discouragements, doubts and inadequacies and transforming him into a “mighty man of valor.”