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Next Week’s Message Paul’s Concluding Arguments Galatians 6:11-18



Next Sunday we bring to a close our long and methodical journey through the Epistle of Paul to the Galatians.  29 messages ago, one Sunday shy of one year (2/22/2019) we began our study of this marvelous letter. It’s been an exciting trip. The topic of God's grace has been dealt with so forcefully and effectively in this book that one cannot escape the overwhelming truth that no matter how great and noble one’s efforts, no matter how carefully one observes religious rules and regulations, no one can get right with God or stay right with God through his own merit.

We are saved by grace and we grow in grace. Outside of God's grace there is no hope!   As Paul comes to the conclusion of his letter he refrains from his usual custom of giving greetings to various friends and discussing future travel plans. As Paul closes this letter, he does what he’s done for six chapters: He re emphasizes some of the key truths he has addressed previously. Next Sunday we will see that in action.