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Next Week’s Message Relating to One Another through the Spirit Galatians 6:1-6

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Everyone seems to be interested in spirituality these days, but no one seems to agree on what it means.  Both outside and inside the church there is widespread confusion. Inside the church people find their spirituality in private, contemplative devotion and begin to practice those disciplines. 

Others find spirituality in the context of public worship that includes ancient liturgy, lighting candles and waving incense. Some look for an exciting spiritual experience that includes healing, speaking in a heavenly language and having a “power encounter” with the Holy Spirit.   Paul in the book of Galatians offers an entirely different way of thinking about the spiritual life. It is not an individualistic quest for self-fulfillment but a life that flourishes for others.

Next week’s focus will be on: Restoring one another from sin (6:1), Bearing one another’s burdens (6:2), Considering others more important than ourselves (6:3-5) and Sharing with one another (6:6).