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Next Week’s Message Safe and Secure John 10:22-30



Among Evangelicals, the security of the believer is not a settled issue.  Good people differ on the issue. The question is simply this: Can a born-again, justified by faith, adopted child of God ever lose their salvation? Or as others have expressed it, is it possible for a born-again, justified by faith, adopted child of God to forfeit their salvation by fully and finally turning their back on Jesus Christ and reverting to unrepentant unbelief? Some say, Yes.

Others believe that God, through the power of the Holy Spirit, is committed to preserving all His children in saving faith and will uphold and protect them not only until the final Day of Judgment but also throughout eternity.  Next Sunday we want to address this topic. Your understanding of this topic is critical. Let’s see what Jesus has to say on the issue.