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Next Week’s Message The “Somber” Song of Moses: “Teach us to Number our Days” Psalm 90


The oldest psalm recorded in the book of Psalms was written by Moses, the man of God (Joshua 14:6, Ezra 3:2).  God chose and groomed Moses for the task of leading the children of Israel out of Egypt to the promise land.

The problem:  they refused to believe the promises of God and were destined to wander in the wilderness for 40 years while a generation of more than 1.2 million people died!  For 40 years, Moses saw death first hand raising the question: “How can this fleeting life have meaning and value?” Instead of being driven to despair and cynicism, as many are who reflect on this question, Moses was driven to worship and prayer. 

His answer is a simple one: Our fleeting lives can have value only if we live wisely before the eternal God.  Next Sunday, on the eve of a New Year and decade, let’s talk about that truth that Moses learned.