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Next Week’s Message The Witnesses God Uses John 4:27-42



One of the hardest disciplines of the Christian life is witnessing to the lost around us.  Truth be known, most if not all, struggle at being an effective witness for Jesus Christ. They may have prayed about it for decades, read books on the subject, gone to different training seminars, heard sermons and yet still feel as if they are a failure.  Next Sunday, as an encouragement, I want to look at the aftermath of an encounter Jesus had with a Samaritan woman. Found there are some helpful guidelines for being an effective witness. Interestingly, the person Jesus used was a brand new Christian, who is still living with a man outside of marriage, who knows almost no sound doctrine, and who has not had a training course in how to share her faith.  However, God uses her as an effective witness to evangelize her entire village for Christ.