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Next Week's Message - Abiding and Bearing Fruit- John 15: 1-11


There have been many guesses about what may have occasioned Christ's teaching regarding the vine and the branches found in John 15. Some have suggested that because the preceding chapter concludes with the words "Come now; let us leave," it would seem that the Lord left the Uppper Room and began that quiet walk across the city of Jerusalem down into the Kidron Valley which brought them to the Garden of Gethsemane on the Mount of Olives. Because the symbol of the vine was so prominent around Jerusalem our Lord stopped and wanted to teach a vital lesson on the Christian life.  This section of the gospel of John is one which is deep and significant for all Christians both to know and apply. It has to do with the whole issue of bearing fruit...which is directly related to abiding. Next Sunday we will talk about that critical lesson.