Our Sunday in-person services will return August 23rd! In the mean time Pastor Doug will continue to share God's Word with us Sundays at 10:30 A.M. via our YouTube Channel

To submit your prayer requests send us an email to: midvalleybiblechurch@gmail.com

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Next Week's Message- Justified by Faith Alone Galatians 2:15-16


Dear Friends,

Living the Christian life is simple. It’s not easy, but God has made it uncomplicated for us. We have only two possible ways we can go. We can either walk by the Spirit or we will carry out the desires of the flesh.  There is no middle ground; no neutral position we can take.  Every person who places their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation has the Holy Spirit, the Comforter that Jesus promised, indwelling them. We have the power of God Himself available to us and we can yield to His leading.

We also still live in this world and our sinful flesh tries to lead us down other paths. Since there are only two possibilities, we need to be certain we’re moving in the right direction.

Let just add:  Being in Church with God’s people is a great place to start!